Camilla Tibbetts

FSN and Champions Program Resilience Advisor

Camilla Tibbetts serves as the FSN and Champions Program Resilience Advisor for the USAID Staff Care Service Center. Camilla is a licensed clinical social worker (LICSW) with specialized training in clinical support with international populations, trauma recovery and resilience, motivational interviewing, and nature-informed therapy.

Camilla’s interest in staff care in high-stress environments first arose in her undergraduate studies focused on psychology and international humanitarian assistance. This led to a 2 year international Peace Corps service where she collaborated with local leaders on peer support training initiatives supporting women’s health and education programs. She then continued the next 11 years working on projects focused on the health and resiliency of refugee and immigrant communities from around the world.

Within all of these projects, Camilla was always drawn to advocating for staff care and resilience programs, encouraging systems and services that could deepen the organizational support for staff doing critical work in service to others. She joined The KonTerra Group in 2021 to provide expertise and specialized psychosocial services after the 2021 Afghanistan evacuation. Her role now looks at clinical support and resilience initiatives broadly with the global USAID FSN community and by leading Staff Care’s Champions Program which promotes wellness and resilience activities across the agency.

Camilla has assisted others from an estimated 48 countries and counting throughout her career. She lives in Washington, DC with her growing family where she enjoys various activities that ground her in nature, such as community gardening, volunteering at local trails and parks, and stargazing.