KonTerra Evaluation Expertise

KonTerra Evaluation Expertise

We have a strong network of consultants in countries across the world with technical expertise in a wide range of humanitarian and development sectors.

Our Expertise

With a roster of 500+ experts, KonTerra has a strong network of consultants in countries across the world with technical expertise in a wide range of humanitarian and development sectors, such as:

  • Humanitarian system

    Humanitarian system and the core principles and frameworks that underpin it–Humanitarian International Law, Humanitarian Principles, UN Reform, Cluster system and coordination.

  • Emergency preparedness and response

    Including all relevant sectors–shelter, WASH, education in emergencies, food assistance, health and nutrition, gender, protection, accountability to affected populations, cash-based interventions.

  • Development agendas

    Government national policies in relevant sectors such as climate change adaptation, poverty reduction, social protection programmes, vulnerability analysis, economic and agricultural development and innovation, cash programs and related technology, education, child protection, gender equality and women’s empowerment, nutrition and health, peacebuilding, rule of law, human rights, and security reform.

  • Donor policies and funding strategies

    Focused on assessing the extent to which donor goals and plans were achieved and whether the resources were used effectively and efficiently. These evaluations involve multiple objectives: To identify lessons learned that can inform and improve future programming; and to provide information to the donors, public, and national authorities regarding the use of public and donated funds.

KonTerra is specialized in effectively recruiting, mobilizing, leading, and managing evaluation teams. KonTerra’s strengths in this area cover every aspect of teamwork, including identifying, vetting, recruiting, orientation, team leader support, and team strengthening activities.


KonTerra established its first Consortium in 2020, with the aim to bring a distinctive comparative advantage in the field of evaluations in terms of its global reach, subject matter expertise in humanitarian and development sectors, and in-depth knowledge of local context. The KonTerra Consortium is composed of five firms respectively, KonTerra (Consortium Lead), Assess Transform Reach (ATR), PT Santulita Vikasa (Savica), RMTeam, and Indochina Research (IRL). This diverse partnership presents complementary skill sets, diverse geographic origins, and a wide cultural and language spread.

To learn more about the KonTerra Consortium please visit: https://consortium.konterragroup.net/