KonTerra Resilience Services

KonTerra Resilience Services

We conduct needs assessments, consult with managers and leaders, and provide counseling and training to help staff and organizations prepare for and cope with critical incidents.

Critical Incident Response

In the current global climate, critical incidents such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, accidents or violent attacks, and employee death are occurring increasingly frequently. These types of incidents can be traumatic and debilitating for those involved, and disruptive for the entire organization.

When critical incidents occur, providing support to aid in recovery is crucial. The KonTerra team has decades of experience both living through and supporting others during difficult times. The goals of our rapid response critical incident services are to:

  • Help organizations and teams prepare for future critical incidents
  • Support managers/leaders during and after a critical incident as they communicate with and support their teams
  • Support individual staff affected during critical incidents to help minimize the stress response and reduce the risk of enduring trauma
  • Facilitate a healthy and appropriate return to normal functioning

We offer our clients an array of services that help minimize the impact that critical incidents have on their people (and as a result, on their operations). Our support is tailored to each client and incident and may include, among other things:

  • Working with leadership

    Our experienced critical incident specialists can work with leaders and managers to help them assess the situation and determine initial response steps, estimate impact on staff and the organization, develop a response and communications plan, and support impacted managers and leaders individually as they manage their own reactions to the incident.

  • Supporting individuals and teams

    We support affected individuals and teams by providing confidential individual counseling and/or group support. Counseling and group support often includes psychoeducation on stress/trauma/grief reactions, skill-building in stress management, and other practical guidance on coping.

  • Debriefing with HR and leadership

    We conduct post-incident debriefs with key organizational representatives to help clients learn from the incident, identify opportunities for future preparedness, align resources in advance of future incidents, and develop a proactive approach to supporting employee resilience and wellbeing.