Donnica Wingett

Mental Health Clinician

Donnica Wingett LICSW is a mental health clinician at the USAID Staff Care Center for The KonTerra Group.

As a therapist with over 15 years’ experience, Donnica’s strengths-based therapeutic approach allows her to easily engage clients to build emotional literacy, promote adaptation, strengthen resilience, and enact positive change, whether in their home communities or communities abroad.

Donnica’s interest in mental health and well-being developed early, motivated by a love of meeting new people and learning about their lived experiences. She has worked in diverse roles in public, private, and non-profit organizations in the US and internationally, which has equipped her with an awareness of the various challenges each environment presents. Donnica strengthened her dedication to “help the helpers” who work in development during the six years she lived in Guatemala. Through working with an NGO in the community surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump and serving as a therapist for the Peace Corps, Donnica experienced the unique needs of this population and gained skills to encourage coping and skill building.

Donnica earned a BA in Psychology from Boston University and an MSW from Columbia University. She has an independent clinical social work license and is also a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional. Donnica lives in Washington DC. When not running through the city or on her yoga mat, Donnica enjoys fulfilling her responsibilities as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law School, where she shares her expertise, supporting students in their work with asylum seekers.