KonTerra Resilience Services

KonTerra Resilience Services

Providing staff with access to confidential 1:1 counseling support, at any time throughout the year, delivered by expert counselors with deep experience in stress management and trauma support.

Employee Resilience Program® (ERP® and EARP® counseling support services)

The KonTerra Group’s Employee Resilience Programs (ERP® and EARP®) were born out of the recognition that traditional support for employees working in the most demanding environments has often failed to adequately meet needs.

Businesses often turn to traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) for support. However, EAP counselors are often generalists, with little or no experience working across cultures or in situations where staff regularly face physical and psychological threats. As such, the counselors who work for most EAPs can struggle to understand the complexity and intensity of the challenges faced by staff in these types of roles.

In contrast to a traditional EAP service, counseling delivered through a KonTerra Employee Resilience Program® is conducted by highly experienced counselors who specialize in supporting staff working in high-stress and high-threat environments and inherently stressful roles involving exposure to suffering, threat, violence, and conflict.

The KonTerra ERP® is tailored to address the unique stressors experienced by employees working in the most demanding industries and locations. Our services include:

  • Specialized counseling in 50+ languages

    Year-round access to confidential individual counseling delivered by masters or PhD qualified specialists. Counseling available in more than 50 languages.

  • Support for managers

    Support for managers around stress, burnout, and other staff support issues.

  • Easy access worldwide

    Easy access via email and the KonTerra Connect App.

About the ERP®

The ERP® does not include all aspects of a traditional EAP – for example a 24/7 call center. Rather, the ERP® is a specialized counseling program delivered via telephone/video that is specifically designed for staff that work in high-stress environments or roles. Our ERP® offers staff easy access via email and the KonTerra Connect App, and typically up to 8 sessions of counseling, per topic/event.

About the EARP®

For organizations who require all elements of a traditional EAP, the KonTerra Employee Assistance and Resilience Program (EARP®) includes the same counseling support available with the ERP®, plus other components of a traditional EAP service (work-life balance referrals, 24/7 call center, and the provision of a website with mental health and work-life balance content).