KonTerra Evaluation Services

KonTerra Evaluation Services

Helping organizations make better decisions with thorough analysis and balanced assessments based on evidence.

Our Services

KonTerra is client-driven and designs independent evaluations based on a thorough understanding of context, the Terms of Reference, and the client’s mandate, culture, and services to people in need.

For each assignment, to ground evaluative assessments, KonTerra develops methodologies that ensure strength of the evidence, uses different types of triangulation techniques and mixed-method approaches.

KonTerra prioritizes the engagement of national evaluators and consultants to:

  • Ensure that our evaluations are contextualized and incorporate essential cultural and sociological lenses.
  • Reflect our firm commitment to inclusion and diversity, and our desire to contribute to the development of evaluation culture and capacities in the Global South.

Commitment to integration of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment is also at the core of KonTerra’s evaluation work. This is reflected in our gender-balanced evaluation teams and in the systematic utilization of the UN-SWAP commitments and its Evaluation Performance Indicator (EPI).

As part of our efforts to develop southern-based evaluation capacities, KonTerra leads a Consortium of five companies: ATR (Central Asia), Indochina Research Limited (Southeast Asia), RM Team (Middle East and Northern Africa), and Savica (Asia and Pacific Region).

KonTerra can ensure high-quality evaluations in five UN languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. In addition, KonTerra can engage the necessary translation or interpretation services to local languages.

Types of Evaluations

We conduct the following types of evaluations:

  • Strategic and Program Evaluations

    They focus on organizational strategies, positioning and program performance. These may include: thematic, country portfolio, country strategic plans, programs and project evaluations.

  • Evaluation of humanitarian response to major crises

    These include Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations (IAHE) and Corporate Emergency Evaluations (CEEs) which typically assess the performance of humanitarian operations during Level 2 or Level 3 emergencies.

  • Meta-Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation Evidence Summaries

    Systematizing and aggregating evidence across sectors and countries, to identify trends and highlight critical learning.

  • Baseline Assessments

    Capturing the status quo prior to program implementation by establishing pre-intervention figures for key indicators.

  • Evaluability Assessments

    Examining the readiness of a project, program, or other subject a client wishes to evaluate.

Quality Assurance

KonTerra has a robust quality system for embedding quality assurance across its evaluations. Our system is generally based on UNEG Norms and Standards for Evaluation, OECD/DAC Evaluation Quality Standards, and ALNAP Quality Pro Forma.

In addition, for each particular commissioning agency, KonTerra uses the client’s quality standards, which are generally informed by the system-wide quality standards.

KonTerra’s evaluations that undergo post-hoc quality assurance assessment by an independent company are always rated as satisfactory or highly satisfactory.

Evaluation Management

KonTerra appoints an Evaluation Manager to each assignment it conducts. Managers ensure the evaluation unfolds as agreed with our clients and that resources are used in the most efficient manner to reach the outcomes of the evaluation. They also play a key role to ensure excellent communication and coordination with the client and key stakeholders.

Managers support the Team Leaders in the process of sharpening the scope of the evaluation and engaging stakeholders of an evaluation and ensuring their voices are heard. They are present throughout the implementation of the evaluation and play a key role in overcoming potential bottlenecks.

Administrative Support

KonTerra has in place robust financial and human resources processes and procedures, including vetting of consultants, completing compliance requirements to evaluation ethical pledge, UNEG code of conduct, and others.

KonTerra provides important services to our evaluation teams, including:

  • Collaborative tools

    Access to online tools to support virtual meetings, web-based surveys, and a conference call system

  • Logistics

    Including 24/7 point of contact and use of the KonTerra travel agent

  • Insurance

    Umbrella liability insurance coverage and Executive Assistance® coverage, including emergency medical expenses and evacuation

  • Financial management

    Including advances and expense reimbursement

  • Data management

KonTerra contracts with Crisis24 for travel security.