KonTerra Resilience Services

KonTerra Resilience Services

We help those working in high-stress environments manage stress, enhance wellbeing, and improve resilience.

We help individuals develop skills to effectively manage stress, build resilience, and cope with trauma.

We help managers and teams enhance communication, navigate conflict, and build cohesion.

We help leaders and organizations identify systemic stressors and implement best practices in staff support to build resilience.

Employee Resilience Programs® (ERP® and EARP® counseling and work-life balance support services)

We provide staff with year-round access to confidential individual counseling support through our ERP® and EARP® services. Traditional EAP services often fail to effectively support staff working in high-stress environments and roles. In contrast to a traditional EAP service, the counseling delivered through our services are only delivered by highly experienced counselors who specialize in supporting staff working in high-stress and high-threat environments, or those working in inherently stressful roles where they are regularly exposed to suffering, threat, and conflict.

Our service includes access to specialized counseling available in over 50 languages and specialized support for managers of teams grappling with issues of stress, burnout, and a range of other topics. Our ERP® offers staff easy access via email and the KonTerra Connect App, and typically up to 8 sessions of counseling, per topic/event. Our EARP® includes the same counseling support, plus other components of a traditional EAP service (work-life balance referrals, 24/7 call center, and the provision of a website with mental health and work-life balance content). [LEARN MORE]

Critical Incident Response

We conduct needs assessments, consult with managers and leaders, and provide training and counseling services focused on helping staff and organizations prepare for and cope with critical incidents. In the wake of the most serious and traumatic events, we support staff and family members with care and compassion. [LEARN MORE]

Staff Care Assessments for Organizations and Teams

We conduct in-depth assessments to help organizations and teams understand the root causes of their challenges in relation to staff wellbeing, culture, staff care, change and transition, and a range of other issues. We provide detailed guidance on current risks, issues, gaps, and resources related to staff wellbeing, help develop staff wellbeing frameworks and plans, and assist with implementing recommendations. [LEARN MORE]

Training & Education

We provide virtual and in-person training events for staff and managers on resilience, wellbeing, psychological safety, stress, trauma, vicarious trauma, burnout, working with graphic content, supporting staff effectively during crises, and other topics. We also provide written materials, curriculum, and other educational resources. [LEARN MORE]

Organizational Resilience Support for Leaders and Teams

We conduct comprehensive assessments to examine factors affecting organization and team resilience, such as leader and team behaviors, and systems and process issues. Thereafter, we design and facilitate group processes, and provide leadership consultation and individual and team coaching. We help you address key issues impeding effective leadership and negatively influencing team communication, collaboration, and resilience. Among other things, our Organizational Resilience Advisors and Coaches help strengthen and equip leaders to improve team cohesiveness and communication, navigate change and complexity, and address conflict productively. [LEARN MORE]

Pre- & Post-Deployment Consultations

We provide proactive pre- and post-assignment wellbeing and resilience consultations for staff deploying internationally. Particularly recommended when staff are deploying for emergency or disaster response, or to high-stress/high-threat environments. [LEARN MORE]

KonTerra Inventory of Resilience Builders® (KIRB®)

The 90-item KIRB® assesses behavior and experiences in ten key areas that research suggests are foundational to resilience (sleep, exercise, nutrition, supportive connections, rest & relaxation, boundaries, positive outlook, emotional regulation, adaptive coping, and meaning & purpose). After taking the KIRB, individuals receive an assessment feedback report that outlines their results and includes reflection questions, a personal planning guide, and practical tips related to current growth-edge areas. [LEARN MORE]