KonTerra Resilience Services

KonTerra Resilience Services

The KIRB® assesses behavior and experiences in 10 key areas that research suggests are foundational to resilience.

What Clients Are Saying

“Overall I thought it was really helpful. I appreciated the tool and the report. I appreciated the process. I particularly appreciated the one-on-one session.”

NGO staff member

“After you receive the report you can reflect, and then discussing it all gives you lots of additional insights.”

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KonTerra Inventory of Resilience Builders® (KIRB®)

The KIRB is a sophisticated assessment tool designed to help you analyze your behaviors and experiences in ten key areas that foundationally contribute to resilience. The KIRB helps you learn more about your current resilience profile and explore your:

  • Current stress levels and high-risk coping strategies
  • Resilience profile – including resilience strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Resilience building and self-care priorities

KIRB® Resilience Factors

Sleep allows the brain and body to rest, repair, rebalance, and reorganize.

Exercise and physical movement can help you reduce stress chemicals and maintain or build cardiovascular health, strength, balance, and flexibility.

What you eat and drink fuels your body and brain and influences your general health and wellbeing.

Supportive relationships allow you to give and receive help and experience care, belonging, and understanding.

Activities unrelated to work that you find enjoyable and relaxing help refresh and refuel you.

Boundaries around work and other demands help create space for rest and sustain energy over time in demanding contexts.

Your attitude and perspective toward life influences your choices and emotional experiences. An outlook that contributes to resilience involves a sense of optimism, contentment, and enjoyment.

Your ability to tolerate and manage strong emotions helps you use healthy coping strategies, maintain important relationships, achieve goals, and work effectively on problem-solving.

How you approach and engage with challenges influences how effectively you can cope with difficulties and hardships, solve problems, and achieve important goals.

Beliefs and experiences that are meaningful contribute to resilience by fostering a powerful sense of energy, purpose, fulfillment, and enrichment.

KIRB® Assessment Report

After taking the KIRB, you receive your personal KIRB® Assessment Report containing:

  • Your stress, high-risk coping, and resilience factor scores
  • A visual guide to your current resilience profile
  • Detailed advice on building resilience in growth-edge areas and forming self-care habits that endure
  • A reference list of additional resources

Overview of KIRB® Services

KonTerra offers a variety of packages that enable clients to use the KIRB® with staff and teams. Our individual consultation and workshop packages are summarized below. Follow the links to learn more about KIRB & Consultation services, and KIRB & Training services.