KonTerra Resilience

Quality support services for those working in high-stress, high-stakes environments and roles

KonTerra Resilience

Quality support services for those working in high-stress, high-stakes environments and roles


We provide specialist counseling, training, coaching and consulting services to help those working in dangerous and demanding roles manage stress, enhance wellbeing, and improve resilience.

Our Clients

We focus on supporting teams and leaders in the following sectors:

  • Humanitarian and development organizations
  • Human rights and advocacy organizations
  • First responders
  • Government departments involved in emergency response, foreign affairs, and communications
  • United Nations agencies

Our Services

We help organizations, their teams, and their people leverage strengths and build resilience in high-stress situations by providing a variety of specialist services, including:

Our Expertise

Providing support in a meaningful way is only possible with the right people. The combined experience and sensitivity of our counselors, trainers, and coaches allows us to work with clients in a way that is unique in our industry.

Our staff care and organizational resilience specialists are experts in the areas of mental health, trauma-informed approaches, training, coaching, facilitation and leadership development. They excel at providing meaningful support, particularly for those in high-stress and high-stakes environments and roles. Many have previously worked internationally in such roles themselves.

Our specialists have expertise in variety of important areas, including:

  • Resilience, wellbeing, and thriving at the individual, team, and organizational level
  • Common reactions to living and working in high-stress and high-threat environments (including stress, trauma, burnout, vicarious trauma, moral injury, and post-traumatic growth)
  • Psychological safety when working with graphic content
  • Trauma-informed approaches

Why It Matters

Access to quality mental health and resilience support is essential for those working in uniquely challenging professions.

  • Exposure to acute and chronic stressors threatens the wellbeing of employees

    Employees who work in humanitarian, development, advocacy, content moderation, and other challenging roles experience elevated risk of harm and are frequently exposed to trauma-related content. This content may involve violence, injustice, the pain and suffering of others, hate speech, discrimination, and other illicit or illegal content. As a result, these staff members experience unusual levels of stress and vicarious trauma that can take a significant toll on their wellbeing and work.

  • Employers have a duty of care to protect employee wellbeing

    Organizations have a duty of care to take reasonable actions to inform and protect staff with regards to the foreseeable physical and psychological risks associated with their job.

  • Employees who are thriving better serve the organization’s mission

    Employees who are able to maintain wellbeing and thrive in high-stress roles are much more capable of handling challenges and complexity and working effectively and productively to achieve your organization’s mission.