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Chemonics International

Staff Care & Resilience

Case Study: Chemonics Staff Care Program

Objective: For many years, Chemonics has understood the importance of supporting its staff, both in the US and abroad, with various services that foster resilience.  The concept of employee resilience is understood and embraced as a strategic objective at the highest levels of senior management.  This commitment to supporting employee resilience has resulted in a Staff Care Program that draws on KonTerra to assist in the development and delivery of specialized services. This program is called the Employee Assistance and Resilience Program (EARP).

Solution:  The Employee Assistance and Resilience Program (EARP) was designed to offer Staff and Managers with a robust suite of Staff Care and Resilience services.  Offered to all Staff of Chemonics, both in the US and abroad, the solution provides the opportunity for all Staff, and their family members, to have 24/7 access to mental health and resilience counselors and coaches.  Individual consultations are available to provide direct support for common issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, etc.  In addition, a specialty group of Masters and Doctorate-level counselors who have lived and worked in the international development field themselves, are available to speak with staff and managers on topics closely related to the challenges staff face due to the high-stress nature of international development work, such as exposure to trauma, witnessing and being involved in traumatic events, assault and robbery, separation from family and friends, etc.  These services are complemented with a suite of additional support, including online tools and resources, virtual and onsite training, pre- and-post-deployment resilience consultations, deployment of resilience counselors to the field throughout the year to provide workshops, training, and response to critical incidents.

Result: Chemonics’ commitment to staff care and employee resilience as strategic objectives, coupled with their consistent investment in both, has resulted in groundbreaking programs supporting employee health and productivity.