KonTerra Resilience Services

KonTerra Resilience Services

We provide trauma-informed specialized staff support services for Trust and Safety teams.

Trust and Safety

Trust & Safety teams provide vital services. They are often responsible for investigating and responding to serious allegations involving network members and customers or users (such as robbery, assault, and abuse). They are also tasked with mitigating and responding to fraud, harassment, and offensive content.

This work can be rewarding, but it is also inherently stressful. Trust & Safety staff are routinely exposed to graphic and distressing content and challenging conversations. Their responsibilities often include making difficult, high-stakes decisions.

The pressures of the role and the pace of the work threaten the health and wellbeing of staff. They contribute to high vicarious trauma and burnout rates. These experiences, in turn, contribute to high turnover rates, decreased employee engagement, and have other negative impacts on team culture and functioning.

Trust and Safety teams can benefit from specialized support that helps mitigate the unusual pressures they encounter in their work.


  • Employee Resilience Program® (ERP®)

    Access to confidential counseling delivered by a network of experienced counselors with expertise in high-stress and high-threat roles.

  • Staff Care Assessment

    In-depth assessments to help organizations and teams understand the root causes of their challenges in relation to staff wellbeing, culture, staff care, change and transition, and a range of other issues.

  • Training & Education Services

    Training events and curriculum for staff and managers on stress and resilience, psychological safety when working with graphic content, vicarious trauma and burnout, coping with challenging calls, and other topics.

  • Organizational Resilience Support for Managers and Leaders

    Group processes, leadership consultation, and individual and team coaching to address key issues impeding effective leadership and negatively influencing team communication, collaboration, and resilience.

Case study

Watch this webinar session to learn more about how leading technology companies are prioritizing and integrating staff support services for their Trust & Safety teams.

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