We have served more than 100 organizations working in 50+ countries.


Since 2007 we have served more than 100 organizations working in 50+ countries.

At KonTerra, we specialize in providing support to clients that operate in complex and high-stress environments.

Since KonTerra was founded in 2007, our focus has always been on supporting those who support others.

Due to the expertise of our founders and early team members, we began by providing quality Staff Care and Evaluation services to international humanitarian and development organizations, as well as UN and Government agencies. These two service areas continue to be our core focus today, with staff care work carried out by the KonTerra Resilience team, and evaluation services provided by KonTerra Evaluation.

We have always been deeply passionate about providing meaningful and effective staff care services.  In the early days, much of this work involved providing short-term crisis support during or after difficult times and traumatic events. While providing skillful and experienced support in the wake of a crisis has continued to be a core strength of KonTerra, our staff care work has evolved and developed. KonTerra Resilience now offers a comprehensive suite of individual, team, and organizational staff care services, available in over 50 languages.

Our Evaluation services have also evolved over the years as the KonTerra Evaluation team of experienced professionals has grown. Our consistent focus on quality, however, has remained unchanged. Over time, the high quality of our work has seen us become a trusted partner to multiple UN agencies, who call on KonTerra to conduct some of their most sensitive evaluations in some of the most difficult environments in the world.