KonTerra Resilience Services

KonTerra Resilience Services

In-depth assessments that yield detailed guidance and practical advice related to staff wellbeing, staff care, culture, change, and other issues.

Staff Care Assessments for Organizations and Teams

Organizations with staff working in difficult and high-stress roles and environments are increasingly recognizing the necessity of supporting staff wellbeing. However, designing and delivering effective staff care services is a challenging undertaking, and it can be difficult to know where to start or how best to proceed if an organization wishes to:

  • Identify current staff wellbeing profiles and issues
  • Assess current policies and processes, resources, and gaps related to staff wellbeing
  • Develop a staff wellbeing framework
  • Identify and recommend needs and initiatives tailored to different countries and contexts

Why Partner with KonTerra?

There are some distinct advantages to partnering with an external provider to undertake these sorts of assessment processes.

KonTerra also has extensive experience conducting wellbeing assessments, identifying needs and priorities, and designing and delivering staff support initiatives. KonTerra has a worldwide network of providers, many of whom specialize in supporting humanitarian and development staff and have decades of experience helping clients in areas ranging from assessing staff stress levels and key stressors, to enhancing policy and practice, to supporting leadership in managing specific challenges.

This enables KonTerra to use providers during the project who have field experience themselves and/or who can speak various local languages and better understand the context and needs of locally engaged staff in that region. Further, our status as independent consultants who can offer confidentiality during the assessment process enables staff to feel more confident and comfortable to honestly share their observations and recommendations.

Each process is highly collaborative and designed to address your specific needs. In partnership with you, and with your specific assessment goals in mind, a KonTerra assessment team can:

  • Assess staff wellbeing

    Gain insights into current stress levels and identify key contributors to staff stress.

  • Assess current staff care policy and practice

    Assess staff care policies and practices, resources, strengths, and gaps.

  • Make informed recommendations

    Recommend strategic points of influence and economical options for improving staff wellbeing. These recommendations are informed by a deep synthesis of organization-specific data and specialist knowledge of industry best practices.

  • Assist with implementation

    Leverage extensive experience and knowledge of existing resources to help you adapt staff care policy and procedures to improve impact and effectiveness, deliver support services such as training and counseling, and assist with implementation of other recommendations.

What Questions Can Assessments Help Answer?

The challenges and needs of each organization or team, and what they most wish to achieve via an assessment, are unique. This means every staff wellbeing assessment is unique, too. However, these are some of the questions that we commonly see clients asking when they are considering partnering with KonTerra to undertake an assessment:

  • What ethical and economic imperatives mandate staff support initiatives?
  • What are the main contributors to staff stress in this team/organization and what are the most effective ways to mitigate those causes?
  • How can we integrate staff care resources throughout the cycle of an employee’s relationship with the organization?
  • What responsibilities do middle managers and executive leaders have to support staff, and how can they best do that?
  • How can we measure the effectiveness of staff support efforts?

What Do Assessments Involve?

Wellbeing assessments typically involve a variety of different methods of data collection (including surveys, individual interviews, focus groups, and document review). These complimentary sources of information collectively provide robust data and a strong basis for recommendations. Learn more about assessments by listening to the following conversation with Kate Allan, Lisa McKay, and Michael Wolfe, as they discuss a case study of how a leading INGO conducted an organization-wide staff wellbeing assessment to help them identify staff care priorities and initiatives.