Lauren Williamson

Staff Care & Resilience Business Development Manager

Lauren Williamson serves as the Staff Care & Resilience Business Development Manager for The KonTerra Group. Lauren has worked for 15 years throughout the humanitarian and development sector. Her passion is coming alongside organizations to implement initiatives that holistically support their staff in increasingly high-stress work.

Lauren’s interest in staff care for humanitarian workers arose from her own early non-profit work abroad and from leading cross-cultural teams and leaders. Prior to joining KonTerra, Lauren led the development and implementation of global programs and services focused on building the resilience of staff and their families in over 100 countries. Through her work, organizations have increased the equity and scope of services around mental health, emergency evacuation, cultural intelligence, and post-critical incident support to ensure humanitarian staff have a consistent, positive experience throughout their journey. In addition to serving staff in INGOs throughout the employee lifecycle, she has worked to ensure organizations understand and meet their duty of care to staff through equitable access to benefits, policies, and best practices.

Lauren holds a Graduate Certificate in Global Mental Health: Trauma & Recovery from the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma and Harvard Medical School, as well as a Business degree from Texas A&M University. She is also a Certified Duty of Care Professional and HIPAA Professional. She has lived and worked in over 35 countries, primarily in remote field locations, and is currently based in the United States.