Justine Kent

Account Manager

Justine Kent has been an Account Manager with the KonTerra Group since May 2021, helping KonTerra’s partners to build and strengthen their staff care programs.

Justine worked for ten years as an account manager in the insurance industry and for more than ten years in international development in Central and South America. Starting out in the field as an economist, she worked with partners and rural populations to evaluate sustainable economic alternatives in forested areas of Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Justine participated in the management of regional projects and programs for bilateral donors and multilateral agencies, including European governments and USAID, facilitating strategic planning processes, coordinating training courses, and monitoring and evaluating development projects and programs. These experiences have been invaluable in understanding the challenges that KonTerra’s clients face as they carry out their work in complex environments throughout the world.

Justine has an MBA from Bentley University, an MS in Forestry from the University of Minnesota, and BA in economics and Spanish from Mount Holyoke College.