Who We Are

Who We Are

Professionals specializing in staff care, organizational development and evaluation, with a wealth of global experience.

True specialists in the field.

At KonTerra, we support organizations that manage international development, humanitarian and emergency management operations. We specialize in providing support to clients that operate in high-stress environments—both inside and outside the US—where organizations and their staff face difficult challenges.

Our services draw on capabilities within three practice areas:

1)      Leadership & Organizational Development

2)      Staff Care & Resilience

3)      Evaluation and Organizational Learning

Providing support in a meaningful way is only possible with the right people. With an understanding and appreciation for the unique challenges faced by our clients, our consultants are uniquely positioned to help.

Each member of the KonTerra team has:

  • Worked for an international development, humanitarian or emergency management organization
  • Lived and worked outside their home country in a development, humanitarian or emergency management setting
  • Substantial and proven experience in their area of practice

The combined experience and sensitivity of our members allows us to work with clients in a way that is unique in our industry.

Our approach is based on open, honest dialogue focused on truly understanding your needs. This approach helps us develop unique solutions that create a comparative advantage for our clients by enhancing strategic clarity, building staff and organizational resilience and capturing learning.

Our work ranges from helping individuals manage traumatic and chronic stress, to guiding leadership teams through organizational change, to helping organizations conduct evaluations of their programs and internal processes and supporting organizations facing strategic questions.

We understand the unique and diverse challenges that leaders face when managing organizations in the ever-changing sector of development and humanitarian assistance. Our track-record of working with domestic and international organizations has given us a wealth of hands-on experience. Each organizational context and operational circumstance we encounter is uniquely complex. We are passionate about helping each client develop solutions that fit with their vision and culture and deliver exceptional results.