Staff Care and Resilience

Staff Care and Resilience

Improve organizational resilience by helping individuals and teams thrive in high stress environments and by aligning policy and practice.

We help organizations, their teams, and their people leverage strengths to build resilience and thrive in the midst of challenges. Doing so leads to healthier, stronger, and more productive people and organizations.

When stressors – like working in unfamiliar cultures or unstable environments or experiencing a traumatic incident – are added to routine work stress, employees can face serious risk. We work directly with individuals to equip them with new ways of viewing stress and with tools to manage and work through the challenges they face, particularly in high stress environments.

Meet our Staff Care and Resilience Team

Our services are delivered by professionals who understand global organizations and have lived and worked internationally.

  • Critical Incident Response Services focused on helping staff and organizations prepare for, manage and cope, during and after a critical incident.  Services delivered by specialists experienced in supporting organizations working in high-stress environments.
  • Pre-deployment, on assignment and post-deployment consultations Support designing, implementing and delivering pre and post deployment consultations to best suit the needs of staff deploying to various locations, including high-stress environments.  Delivered by staff care professionals who have worked and lived internationally.
  • Strengthening Team Resilience – Services focused on strengthening, developing and training teams. KonTerra coaches and facilitators have unique experience delivering support in this field, and understand the nuances and importance of healthy team dynamics.
  • Peer Support Development – Consultation on the creation of internal Peer Support Teams (PSTs), and/or support groups, providing training for the members of the peer support teams, and ongoing consultation and mentoring.