Essential Principles of Staff Care – New Resource!

“We’re just not sure what to do.”                                                               

We frequently hear this sentiment from organizations.  They want to be sure they are doing all they can to promote the well being of their staff.  Decision makers have the best of intentions but are often unsure of the best steps to take.

The Need for Resilience

There is growing recognition of the need for humanitarian and development organizations to do more to protect and enhance the psychological health of their people. Resilience is the ability to recover from shock and sustain energy during chronic upheaval.  It is a key contributor to psychological health and longevity in this sector. Thankfully, more organizations are establishing programs and offering services to promote resilience.

But gaps remain.  Many organizations are eager for guidance about what they should include in staff care programs and what actions they can take to promote staff resilience.

A New Resource

The KonTerra Group has developed a resource to help fill this gap:  Essential Principles of Staff Care: Practices to Strengthen Resilience in International Humanitarian and Development Organizations.  We are pleased to join with InsideNGO and to release this resource.

The Essential Principles of Staff Care outlines the principles and practices that promote resilience of humanitarian and development personnel.  Implementing the principles and practices will help an organization offer a comprehensive staff care program.

The Essential Principles of Staff Care are based on our experience working with many different entities:  large and small organizations; humanitarian and development actors: sector-specific and multi-sector NGOs; donors; and organizations with secular and faith-based missions.  It is our hope that the ideas in this document evolve over time as everyone who cares about the well being of personnel continue to work and learn together. We believe the Essential Principles of Staff Care can be a useful tool for organizations that want further guidance about how best to support their people.

Stay Tuned!

In the coming weeks and months, InsideNGO, and KonTerra will be working together on additional events and resources.  These will be designed to continue the dialogue in our sector about how to promote the resilience and psychological health of staff.  We invite you to join with us in this dialogue.

Essential Principles of Staff Care FINAL 

Lynne Cripe

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