United States Agency for International Development

United States Agency for International Development

Staff Care & Resilience

Case Study: USAID Staff Care Program

Objective: In 2011, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) identified a need to improve the level of staff care support they provide to all employees in the US and worldwide.  USAID recognized the value of enhanced support related to mental health, resilience, stress management, work-life balance and critical incident response.

Solution: With a long history supporting staff care needs for organizations worldwide, The KonTerra Group was well positioned to develop a multi-year global solution for USAID.  In collaboration with two strategic partners, the staff care solution includes: short-term mental health counseling, resilience counseling, work-life balance consultation and support, coaching and team strengthening, online tools and resources, training and crisis support.  In addition, at the request of the agency, a dedicated Staff Care Center was opened in close proximity to USAID headquarters. The Center is staffed with counselors able to provide in-person consultations.  The Center also serves as a learning space for individuals and teams to develop stress management skills and strengthen resilience.

Result: The solution designed by KonTerra and its partners, met, and in many ways exceeded, USAID’s requirements.  Further, the solution ensures that all USAID employees around the world have 24/7 easy access to the program, and that the services are promoted to employees in a consistent way to encourage high levels of participation.  This suite of services, integrated under USAID’s Staff Care umbrella, provides employees with the support they need, when and where they need it, allowing them to focus on achieving the important goals and objectives of USAID worldwide.