International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission

Staff Care & Resilience

Case Study:  International Justice Mission’s Staff Care Program

Objective:  The International Justice Mission (IJM) understands the importance of supporting its staff, both in the US and abroad, with holistic, integrated Staff Care services.   IJM has adopted an organizational approach to Staff Care, enlisting the support of The KonTerra Group to develop additional organizational Staff Care capacity.

Solution:  KonTerra has worked closely with IJM to support IJM’s Staff Care initiatives and provide specialized services to help IJM achieve its strategic goals.  In 2012, KonTerra worked with IJM’s leadership staff to design and implement a series of training and strategy sessions, both in the US and at field office locations.

The sessions were carefully customized for IJM, with each focusing on specific topics of most relevance to the participants. They were also designed to help managers develop additional capacity by building upon current initiatives at IJM and learning more about industry best practices. KonTerra consultants collaborated closely with HR managers to enhance the consistency of the central elements of Staff Care across all IJM field offices.

KonTerra conducted a pilot program in four country office locations, (Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and Rwanda) for Field Office Directors and their direct reports, focusing on elements such as:

  • defining Staff Care
  • strategic approaches to Staff Care
  • what to watch for in your staff
  • how to care for your staff
  • the relationship of leadership, team effectiveness and Staff Care
  • establishing and managing a Staff Care program
  • self-care for leaders

Country office staff members enthusiastically embraced the process and results. Consequently, IJM plans to implement the program in all its country offices within the next 18 months.

Result: Through training, education, and skill building, International Justice Mission continues to move to the forefront of the Staff Care continuum, increasing the effectiveness of its program by embracing and promoting its importance across the entire organization.