Benjamin Bynum

Organizational Resilience Advisor

Benjamin Bynum is an Organizational Resilience Advisor at the USAID Staff Care Center for the KonTerra Group.

As an organizational and leadership development consultant with 13 years experience, Benjamin focuses on supporting leaders and teams to improve their organizational and systemic resilience.

Benjamin’s interest to support organizational resilience and health has roots in his experience in the public school system, non-profit organizations, adult education in the prison system, and volunteer work in the church–both in his old Kentucky home and in South Africa. A multitude of experiences in those organizations led to many questions: How can organizations be more effective? How can leadership skills be fostered across organizations? How can we all be better coworkers and neighbors to each other?

Benjamin aspires to engage adaptive challenges such as these with courage, humility, and empathy. His energy to support mission-focused organizations comes from the belief that everyone can increase their leadership, communication, and self-awareness skills and, as a result, change their lives and their organizations.

From 2010, Benjamin worked as an independent consultant to US government agencies, UN organizations, international schools, non-profits, and businesses. Benjamin has worked with hundreds of diverse groups, primarily in developing countries. Benjamin joined the KonTerra Group in 2020.

Benjamin completed a Bachelor’s degree in Religion, Education, and Psychology from Centre College and a Master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development from the Leadership Institute of Seattle. He lives in Washington, DC and enjoys beekeeping, improv, baseball history, and just about anything outside active in the sunshine.